Our Scope of Services

  • Validation of the monthly meter read data provided by Client’s Meter Reader (or EMS can provide this as an optional service) and estimation of substitute data where required.
  • A billing data validation report detailing any significant variations in individual tenant consumption or demand.
  • EMS will maintain and update all appropriate tariffs including the appropriate network tariff, TLF and/or DLF.
  • Supply to Centre Management a monthly Electricity Statement in pdf format for each tenant for which a billing data file has been prepared and issued to Centre Management;
  • Upon the Client’s request and at additional cost the issuing of Electricity Statements direct to Tenants;
  • The provision of a monthly csv file for each tenant at the site containing all applicable consumption and billing information:
    • shopping centre name;
    • tenant name (if provided by the Client);
    • tenancy number;
    • meter no.;
    • NMI (where applicable);
    • site address;
    • consumption data;
    • demand data;
    • start and end dates;
    • energy charges;
    • network charges;
    • daily supply charges;
    • environmental scheme charges;
    • metering charges;
    • other market charges.
  • The Client will issue invoices and manage debtors
  • The Client will advise EMS of all tenancy move ins & outs
  • The Client will organise the provision of meter data for each bill run (or EMS can provide this as an optional service)
·        We will maintain our billing systems to ensure compliance with Electricity Law and relevant Guidelines

·        WINenergy holds a Retailer Authorisation with the Australian Energy (AER) and the Essential Services Commission of Victoria (ESCV).

·        WINenergy is a registered Market Participant with the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO)

·        WINenergy holds an Australian Financial Securities License.

·        WINenergy has access to MSATS which helps facilitate the optimal and efficient operation of Embedded Networks, resulting to higher returns to Clients and compliance with Market Systems and Operations